Remember When... Remember when you said “I love you” and you meant it with every fiber of your being? Now you feel lonely, even when in the same room. You wish you could just go back to when it felt so magical. When you got together, you just knew it was forever.

You wanted to go from...



This have someone to build a life with, share experiences, and grow old together. You just want to know you will always be together and have one another.

I understand...

Love doesn’t literally make the world go round, but it feels like it and does make the experience fulfilling, meaningful... joyous. The lack of secure love makes life feel miserable, pointless... empty.

You are designed as a human being to desire and need another person, one you can love, who loves you, who will be there for you no matter what. When that doesn’t happen nothing seems right, life feels draining. You can’t focus, you can’t motivate yourself, and you question if you are of worth. You try to pretend you are happy without it. But, you’re not.

Let me help...

Let me help you reclaim your passion for one another and help you discover what isn’t working so you can have that loving connection that makes your world go round. I specialize in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy which is the most effective therapeutic method for helping couples go from misery and distress to love and happiness.

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As we live in a rural area with lots of empty beautiful space, Family Circle Counseling is now offering telehealth sessions. This can be an option upon illness, inclement weather, and/or travel limitations. This is only available to Wyoming residents and is not appropriate for all situations. We will decide together if this is an option for you. Insurance usually does not pay for this service.

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