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You try to rely on time to heal your wounds, you have tried to move on, and you simply feel overwhelmed with sadness and torment again and again. The loss of a loved one is not the only thing that can bring grief. The loss of a relationship, divorce, abuse, loss of hopes, dreams, expectations, health, career, and home are just a few things that can feel completely devastating, making you wonder IF or HOW to go on and ever feel genuinely happy or even content.

It's time for something new...

You try everything you have been taught, doing your best to move through the stages of grief everyone talks about. Others give you advice trying to help, but it makes you feel dismissed, defective for not being over it yet. You pretend that things are fine. You wear a mask of contentment, while on the inside you are struggling, in anguish, and sobbing.

Release the pain you feel...

I am trained in the evidence-based Grief Recovery Method and can help you learn new ways to process your grief so it can stop tearing at your soul over and over, destroying the happiness you could have now, but is spoiled by the sadness that feels so heavy. Let’s work together and I will show you how to release the pain you feel so you have room to embrace joy and contentment, to reclaim your life and fully feel alive!

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As we live in a rural area with lots of empty beautiful space, Family Circle Counseling is now offering telehealth sessions. This can be an option upon illness, inclement weather, and/or travel limitations. This is only available to Wyoming residents and is not appropriate for all situations. We will decide together if this is an option for you. Insurance usually does not pay for this service.

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