Meet Janae

“You deserve to have love and happiness! You need a counselor who really knows how to help you process your grief or to develop a close relationship with the one you love, someone who specializes in creating secure bonds and helping you know how to maintain them even in the difficult times in life. I can help you achieve your goal.”

~ Janae Harman

Licensed Professional Counselor

For over 10 years I have been helping couples and families to unravel the stuck spots in their relationship. I can help you understand the rut you have fallen into with your loved ones, that pattern that moves so fast, is so confusing, and is so emotionally torturing. I can help you see a way out to a happier path, one that keeps you close, bridges the distance, and resolves the conflict. I know how to help you make sense of that pattern or cycle so you can see a way to reach that loved one, bringing them closer, soothing your worries, anxieties, depression, and misery. I specialize in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy which is the most effective therapeutic method for helping couples go from misery and distress to love and happiness. I also specialize in the Grief Recovery Method that can help you see a way to love life again. I can help you be bonded, happy, excited, and well!

~ Janae Harman

Discover How

Appointment Options

Worland Office

My local office is located in Worland Wyoming, where we can sit down for the traditional One on One conversation.

Video Anywhere

As we live in a rural area with lots of empty beautiful space, FCC is now offering telehealth sessions. This can be an option upon illness, inclement weather, and/or travel limitations. This is only available to Wyoming residents and is not appropriate for all situations. We will decide together if this is an option for you. Insurance usually does not pay for this service.